About me

Hey, my names Larissa Penton-Keating, i know its a mouthfull. I'm a 21 year old sushi lover who is combining her addiction to technology and design to create perfect user experiences. My head is filled with endless ideas to make a users experience better whilst incorporating my own design style to the project. If you would like to what i’m up to have a look at my portfolio.

Picture of me

What I do?

User Interface Illustration

User Interface

I create stylish User Interfaces specific to the brand to create a slick usuable product.

Idea Generation Illustration

Idea Generation

I develop new ideas through a creative process, developing and communicating new thoughts.

User Experience Illustration

User Experience

I create products which provide meaningful and relevant experinces for the users.

Branding Illustration


I can create orginal brand identities, allowing people view your company how you want.

Illustrating Illustration


I can create bespoke visual explanations of text, concepts or process for media.