My Brand

Building my personal brand and visual identity, from monogram sketches to brand guidelines.


My brief was to design a brand identity that represents me as a designer and reflects my personality. Producing a monogram made up of my initals LPK, a wordmark of my full name and a visual mark image that represents me, so that future work and designs can be identified as my own. I began by researching in order to gain an understanding of how I wish to present myself. Through both my writing and designs, I hope to come across as a fun and bubbly character. From here I could begin sketching towards final digital designs.



Starting with endless monogram sketches, I experimented with different styles of logo design with the help of inspiration from multiple books. I found it difficult combining three letters together, three is unusual and awkward, however figured that an illustrative style suited me better than block, bold shapes. After selecting the most popular ideas, I began digitualising to see which i preferred, i selected one and began to work towards the perfect shape. I was then able to explore the different possibilities of introducing colour. The final outcome of my monogram design, I believe, is sleek and simple shape but follows a clever flow.

Final Monogram
Colour Options


Through sketching and digital mindmapping, I considered different typefaces that would match my monogram. My original ideas focused on illustrative fonts to partner with my monogram however I figured that similar styles clashed and my wordmark failed to stand out. Therefore developing towards a san serif font instead, settling on 'Bondoni 72' as the chosen typeface. I believe this font has the ability to stand out because of it's tall, straight classical shape whilst complimenting curvy monogram.

Wordmark Options
Wordmark Options

Visual Mark

For my visual mark, I began by mindmapping out potential ideas as I had no inital concepts spring to mind. I even asked friends and family to brainstorm ideas. A repeated option was my ponytail or my tongue piercing. I forever have my hair in a high ponytail because of convenience and everyone knows i love to fidget with my tongue bar when im thinking. I decided to go with my tongue are as i thought it was slightly more orginal. I based my visual mark on a picture of myself obviously tweaking it for a more cartoon look.I'm really happy with the outcome of my visual mark as I think anyone who sees it can link it to me.

Visual Mark Ideas
Visual Mark

Visual Mark

When building a brand, it is important to create a set of brand guidelines so that my brand is used correctly by others in future. It simply sets out the do’s and don'ts for using my brand in a personal and friendly manner. Focusing on the importance of consistency regarding colour, type and layout.

Brand Guidelines


A complete brand design. I throughly enjoyed this branding task. It taught me the importance of brainstorming on pen and paper first as I can look back now as see how much my designs developed and changed from my original sketches. I love that I now have a simplistic yet well thought through monogram stamp beside my name that I can use to identify my work. My visual mark succesfully reflects me personally and as a designer and I love how it can be a standalone piece. I think I'll find myself continually developing my brand. Overall I believe my personal brand shows consistency in terms of design and colour, which I think is most important when developing a brand identity.

Brand Mockup