Foodi is a phone application for anyone who wants to find the perfect restuarant wherever they are.


My brief was to create an application concept based on travel, on a broad term, which incorporated illustration as part of the interface that would then become a working functional element. The outcome is that i will have a prototype of my application with a illustration and an icon set.

Travel Mindmap


I begain to research travel and let me tell you there are so many apps to do with traveling, with good reason, everyone loves travelling. As i was searching through the endless amounts of applications so many ideas where popping into my mind but i knew to create a quality product i needed to focus this was hard as so many amazing ideas came into my head but I knew i needed to focus on one area. I decided food would be a good beginning point for me as to be honest i just love good food.

Food Mindmap


Next things next, wireframing the app. I was able to make wireframes to see how the application will flow and how the user will navigate around the applications interface. On screen content was very important to allow the user to fully gather a good idea of the restaurant and what they will get from it before going.



One of the main features of my app was to include some type of illustration, so i thought why not illustrate the city where the person is looking for their restuarant. I wanted the illustration to be easily made out so i therefore having it in white and black. I also wanted the place to be easily recognisable so a landscape of the city including monuments that are related to the city. For my mockup i decided that i would pick paris as a temple screen therefore having to create an illustation of the city, this included the Eiffel Tower which everyone knows.

Illustration of Paris


Another main feature of the application had to be a set of icons, so i thought illustrate the food catagories. Again i wanted the icons to be simplistic but they needed stand out to the user thast why i added a pop of colour behind them. Each cuisine has its own colour to represent its individuality. I am really happy with the outcome of the icon set and i feel most of them are quite obviously designed.

Icon Set


Foodi, an application to find the perfect restuarant. I throughly enjoyed this project. It taught me the importance of brainstorming on pen and paper first as I can look back now as see how much my designs developed and changed from my original sketches. I love how simplistic my icons are but feel that my paris illustration lacks some detail so if i was to do it again i would completely re-do my ilustration. If i had of had more time on the project i would have maybe illustrated the restuarants instead of using pictures as i feel this would maybe fit in better with the brand. I really enjoy the whole process of this task and feel if i had more time i could have developed it even more.

App Mockup